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Guatemala's Ixil Maya region as a tourist route.

Guatemala has naturally and culturally fascinating regions, where the state investment has not yet arrived, where the tourist plant is scarce and sometimes precarious to attend a segment of international and national tourism that requires good service standards.

When we refer to Quiche, the first thing that comes to mind is the market in Chichicastenango and the archaeological site of Gumarkaj. Tourist destinations that have always been included in the circuits of local tourism agencies and that are always included in the tours of the wholesale agencies of other issuing countries to Guatemala.

However, the Ixil Mayan region is one of those fascinating destinations to share, it has an impressive natural and cultural richness, its local Mayan gastronomy is real and exquisite, language as a base for many of the other Mayan languages of Guatemala, its customs, landscapes and history.  

The lack of an adequate tourism infrastructure towards the region makes it difficult for national agencies to convince tourists and foreign agencies to experience true natural and cultural encounters in one of the most original and authentic regions still preserved in Guatemala.

It is a region that deserves to be included in the tourist destinations of Guatemala, it has open natural environments, mountains of high pines, cypresses and oaks where you can develop fascinating walks on trails that connect with waterfalls, allow you to meet green valleys and Mayan villages with colorful indigenous markets where the species, products and lifestyles contrast with other neighboring towns or nearby.    

The Maya Ixil region reflects a real and true Guatemala, a diverse and multicultural Guatemala, a rural and natural Guatemala that values the tourist who is willing to be enriched by history, culture and nature. 

However, the privilege of visiting it, knowing it and living it, allows us to transfer that experience to the tourists and international agencies that visit us in the international fairs where we try to make known that Guatemala is still a country to be rediscovered.

The announcement by the government authorities that they will resume work on a road that will connect the section of Sacapulas, Quiche with San Cristobal de las Casas in Alta Verapaz, gives us joy in advance to imagine that this work of road infrastructure, can place on the tourist map to the Ixil Maya region.

It is an opportunity to generate spaces of participation and inclusion for the guides, providers, women and local families who provide that unique, human, cultural and authentic touch that the tourist will never forget in a multiethnic, multilingual and multicultural country.