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Who are we?

We are an inbound and outbound tourism agency, founded in 2,013 by 2 university professors of tourism who join their experience and knowledge in the areas of Archaeology, Sustainable Tourism and Business Administration to develop a differentiated tourism project, aimed at travelers willing to celebrate and enjoy life in an authentic way. 


To facilitate unforgettable cultural and natural encounters through multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual contact in the local communities that participate in our tours.


To have a positive impact on the generation of opportunities in the communities where our activities and tours are developed, through the practice of fair and inclusive tourism, regardless of gender, ethnic group, social condition and religion.

 Our History

We are an inbound and outbound tour operator agency, founded in 2,013 by 2 university professors, who combine their experience and professional knowledge in the areas of Archaeology, Tourism and Business Administration.

Their passion for the country's culture and history and their teaching work in the areas of Guatemalan History, Geography of Guatemala and Sustainable Tourism in communities, allows them to realize a differentiated tourism project and the ability to form a multidisciplinary team composed of students, alumni, general guides, regional guides, community guides and local providers committed to fulfilling the mission of Maya Kakaw Travel.

Maya Kakaw Travel is incorporated into the tourist activity with the purpose of facilitating cultural encounters with the different ethnic groups that live in Guatemala, through their history, their gastronomy, their culture, their beliefs, customs and traditions.

We do not sell tours, we facilitate authentic encounters with the culture and nature of a country that is struggling to preserve its identity. We offer the same attractions and destinations as our colleagues, but we facilitate life experiences in a different way and with more meaning.   

For Maya Kakaw Travel, our travelers are human beings with needs to celebrate life, willing to live it and enjoy it. Therefore, the human quality of our travelers is more important than the quantity of tourists. We are a different agency.

Maya Kakaw Travel Team

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