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Patrimonio cultural y natural de la humanidad desde 1979. Ciudad que representa el esplendor del período clásico de la cultura maya.  Inmersa en el corazón de la selva maya. Su entorno natural, selvático y arquitectónico la convierten en un escenario único.  

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Peten Guatemala


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Description: Tour Tikal National Park

From 5:00hrs you must be in the waiting room at gate 1 and 2 of La Aurora International Airport to board the plane that will take you on an internal flight to the Mundo Maya airport in Petén. Upon arrival in Petén, a representative of our agency will be waiting for you as you leave the airport to board the vehicle that will take you to the Tikal Archaeological Park in a one-hour transfer. The activity inside the park will be from 9:30hrs to 15:30hrs and at the end, you will be transferred to the island of Flores to eat or drink something at the restaurants.

Coordinate with the guide or pilot, the transfer from the Island of Flores to the Mundo Maya airport to return to Guatemala City.

Located in the department of Petén, Tikal National Park was created in 1955, declared a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. It is home to the most important city of the Classic Mayan period, surrounded by the Tropical Rainforest, the habitat of numerous species of flora and fauna. 

Tikal means City of Voices. It is characterized by the monumentality of its buildings and is believed to have been occupied for over 1700 years (800 BC to 900 AD), during which time it played a leading role in the social and political organization of the Lowlands. It had important connections with other elites of Maya cities such as Calakmul, Naranjo, Yaxhá, Río Azul, Dos Pilas and Caracol; recorded in the hieroglyphic texts of 33 rulers in direct succession. 

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Petén, adventure in the Mayan World

  • Tikal National Park
  • El Mirador, Kingdom of Kan
  • Yaxhá
  • Uaxactún
  • Ceibal

Izabal, a green Caribbean

  • Rio Dulce 
  • Quiriguá
  • Bocas del Polochic
  • San Felipe Castle
  • Lake Izabal
  • Paradise Farm

Highlands. Living Maya culture

Lago de Atitlán
San Andrés Xecul

Las Verapaces, natural paradise

Semuc Champey
Biotopo del Quetzal
Cuevas Candelaria
Río Cahabón
Hun Nal Ye

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Guatemala, a Central American country south of Mexico, has volcanoes, tropical forests and ancient Mayan sites.