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Seacacar Canyon

The river winds its way through the karstic rock mountain, forming 2 high walls 350 meters high, surrounded by tropical forest and local fauna. Queqchí Mayan community destination 30 kms from Río Dulce, Izabal.

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Seacacar Canyon Nature Reserve

Description: Seacacar Canyon Tour

In the heart of Izabal and located 40 kilometers from the Río Dulce intersection. It is one of the most extraordinary natural destinations in the country. The Seacacar Canyon offers nature, Queqchí Mayan culture, adventure in the waters of the Sauce River that opens up between the high walls of limestone.

The site is protected by two Mayan communities originating from Seacacar (Seacacar Abajo and Seacacar Arriba). Close to this canyon is the hot sulphur water waterfall of Finca el Paraiso which is also part of the circuit, mouths of the Polochic River and the wonderful Lake Izabal.

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